Personalized discreet souvenir image peephole projection bracelet.

A personalized photo projection bracelet, personalized by you with your favorite photo. Photo projection bracelets are the perfect gift this year. They exude elegance and style while keeping your most memorable moments close to your heart.

High-definition photo projection bracelets, family photos, life photos, love photos, friends photos, baby photos, pet photos, couple photos, you can make any memorial photo you want you want.

3 Methods to see your image !

Method One : Turn on your phone camera
and touch the projection peephole to your
camera lens. The image inside will appear
on your phone screen.

Method Two : Hold your projection peephole
from the back and turn it upside down,
then touch it with your phone flashlight
or any other light source. You'll see the
image on the wall in front of you, if you
are in the dark.

Method Three : Simply look into the
peephole with your naked eye, as if you
were looking into a keyhole.